Liquid Inspiration: Aviation

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My Proportions:

2 oz Gin (Monkey 47)

1/2 oz​ crème de violette (Rothman and Winter)

1/4 oz Maraschino Liqueur

1/2 oz Lemon Juice

The Aviation is a classic cocktail from the early Twentieth century reminiscent of an evening sky.

The gin I selected in this case, Monkey 47 adds a nice dose of spice and botanicals.

Crème de violette is floral liquor that should provide all the sweetness the drink requires. This is a must to me, as few things can provide the proper color and nose. Creme Yvette is an acceptable substitute for crème de violette.

Maraschino Liqueur is a strong flavor that can easily overwhelm a drink but brings a unique note to the mixture.

The final product can lift you into the clouds!

There is a question of whether to shake or stir the cocktail. The argument goes that juice cocktails should be shaken for aeration, but stirring in this case yields a deeper violet color. For reference, the drink pictured above was shaken.

I also prepared a version with Collective Arts Rhubarb Gin, which was delicious!

Inspiration for this drink came from Drinking with Dragons by Sarah Dahlinger! I love the illustrated dragons for each cocktail! I had so much fun with this.

Check out Sarah's other work, she's an amazing artist!


*The Minimum Drinking Age in the US is 21*

*Always Drink Responsibly*

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