Liquid Inspiration: Same Shirt, Different Island

Give your muse a delectable respite!

On my excursions, journeys, and adventures, I once visited St. Petersburg Florida and stumbled upon a wonderful little oasis.

The Floridan!

Besides an excellent dining experience, they had a tantalizing cocktail menu. The drink I selected was said to contain Mezcal, Rhum Agricole Blanc, Campari, watermelon cordial, lemon juice, and Salers.

I'm always fascinated when a cocktail brings flavors from all over the world together. Delicious island funk from the Caribbean Rhum melds with fruity watermelon, smoky Mexican Mezcal, and bitter citrusy Italian Campari. I'd never tried Salers before, and now I realize I need to add it to my tool box as I don't have another source for Gentian flavors.

I look forward to attempting to recreate it at my home bar!

Also, their 'Biscuit and Belly' appetizer was exceptional. You can't go wrong with braised pork belly and bourbon-apple butter!


*The Minimum Drinking Age in the US is 21*

*Always Drink Responsibly*

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